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Compile Your Pre-Game Real Odds

The user has the capability by using Odds Compiler Platform, to compile his own pre-game real odds. Few products offer such features for pre-game compiling of the most popular betting markets[...]

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Compile your in-play real odds

Odds Compiler Platform and Next Goal Predictor are on-line tools for more demanding users who want to compile their own in-play real odds, for various markets, based on their own methodology[...] 

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System Hunter: Your own Betting Systems

The only way to achieve long-term success at football betting is by following the strategy that fits you. The suggestions here assume that you already do the following things: Have access to football statistics and follow at least one market closely.

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Our Do & Do Not

Get Started with Betpractice and you will get the tools and the info that will change your way of thinking on football betting. Betpractice offers a [...]

Be One Step Ahead

To be One step ahead of the Bookmakers, is usually due to good Time Management and Planning. This also means being prepared for the worst and [...]

76 Betting markets

Betpractice compiles real odds and the relevant real probabilities for 76 betting markets per game either pre-game or in-play mode[...]

Quick Smart Bets

With Betpractice's Search Probability, the subscriber can find what he requests in only three easy steps. Choose from over 39 worldwide leagues[...]

Betting The Opposite

“Betting the Opposite” is one of the bets that you can find in Betpractice concerning the most popular bets with high value that produces a positive ROI[...]

Value Bets

Value Bets is a way to find the very best odds among the enormous amount of betting odds. Value is a mathematical way of calculating how good [...]

Rent our Dbase

Our database contains +145,000 data records with goals and times. We offer various services to clients such as web sites and professional players[...]

Free Widgets

Based on our experience and our expert stuff, we have the the ability to make a variety of smart web tools - Widgets, that can be useful to any website [...]

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@SUMAVERDES @Betpracticeteam  ya me he estrenado con el bicho. Me acaba de caer el o2,5 del Anderlecht - Dormunt. Ole! 8) #valuebets

Rubén Villar @rubenvillar

@SUMAVERDES el bicho ha parido tres preciosos "pequeñajos" verdes en su primer día que ya han amortizado la inversión.#valuebets

NoSa @JCtilve

Ya he visto Betpractice, tiene MUY buena pinta. Para mi va a ser como en ajedrez cuando se enfrentaba Deep Blue vs Kasparov! #valuebets!


Marco Antonio Cano @Monteolivete_sc

Non esiste scommettitore che non si sia dedicato, per un breve o lungo periodo della propria “carriera”, alle statistiche. Siti come si fondano sulla comparazione

Le profezie di Bet Practice
Le profezie di Bet Practice

@Betpracticeteam just subscribed to the service and its excellent,my advice to anyone join up and subscribe today its brilliant (  Sep 2 2014)

john o'leary ‏@johnoleary50
john o'leary ‏@johnoleary50

Home Win Bets based on @Betpracticeteam 9/12 landed


Much respect to @Betpracticeteam for posting the glaring odds mismatch on the under 2.5 for the Goias/Vasco tonight! #winner !!

Brad Humber
Brad Humber

Top Games over 65% chance from @Betpracticeteam 


Interesting approach from @Betpracticeteam on our Pick of the Day (Evian home win). It looks like a value bet.


Top Games over 65% chance from @Betpracticeteam

andreweb ‏@andreweb28
andreweb ‏@andreweb28

I just love it when my previews and picks are almost identical with the statistical analysis from @Betpracticeteam


last week end @Betpracticeteam 14/17 top rated selections won...nice! 


Odds Compiler Platform is an advanced online software, where the user can analyze past football records of worldwide leagues

Tutorial to Odds Compiler Platform by NRL Betting