SYSTEM HUNTER, is an efficient software for long term betting success.

We will make a quick analysis for the option “Odd Prices” at the configuration menu.

There are two main selections:

  1. Optimum Prices
  2. All prices

Let’s make an example to understand the differences.

At the game Real Valladolid vs Mallorca of Segunda Division Spain played at 23-08-2014

The predicted “real” probabilities for Match Odds were (Figure 1 and Figure 2):

Real Valladolid (1)            : 38.10% (or betting odd = 2.62)

Draw (X)                              : 42.86% (or betting odd = 2.33)

Mallorca (2)                        : 19.05% (or betting odd = 5.25)


According to BetPractice Studio methodology, it was predicted that Draw was the most possible event to happen among 1X2, because it had the highest probability which was 42.86%, with predicted “real” betting odds of 2.33.

When SYTEM HUNTER picks the past game “Real Valladolid vs Mallorca, 23/08/2014” for making betting strategies then:

“Optimum” Prices          : 2.33 (Draw)

“All” Price                      : Every price according to selected market.


  • If you had chosen (Team 1 win) then the price is 2.62


  • If you had chosen (Draw ) then the price is 2.33 (the optimum price)


  • If you had chosen (Team 2 win) then the price is 5.25



Figure 1: Real Valladolid vs Mallorca (23/08/2014) “real” probabilities


Figure 2: Real Valladolid vs Mallorca (23/08/2014) “real” odds