How to Pick Your Betting System

Using our powerful tool "Search Engine" you could apply any of our betting systems in only three steps. Make your betting system according to to have a long term success.

System Hunter - Make your own betting system

A state of the art tool which models betting systems for a long term success, based on past results. Find profitable betting systems by searching data in the past, as a model of what will happen in the future [...]

System Hunter-System for the DRAW

This video shows an example of making a profitable betting system based in past results from September to December 2014. When I finalise my preferences, System Hunter searches for a variety of bets similar to my system.

HT Team 1 profitable system for October 2015

The video shows a brief profitable system with market “HT Team 1” for betting in October 2015. Hunter shows many profitable leagues for betting in October 2015, based on previous results from October 2014.