Be One Step Ahead


BetPractice Subscribers are always One Step Ahead either of the Bookmakers or the rest of the punters, due to the following reasons:

  • System Hunter lets you create football betting systems based on the analysis of past records of football games. You can analyze with full knowledge all previous results of each football match that took place, You can select only those leagues or teams that are offering profitability and discard those that are not having positive yield and You can find those games to bet according to the standards of your own system.
  • Our real odds, either pre-game or in-play mode, are compared in real time with Betfair Exchange market odds, so our members are up to date to make their decisions.
  • Our subscribers have real betting odds for 76 betting markets per game. Also, having all this in-depth analysis per game, is more easy for our subscribers to decide if they will bet or not on a specific game. 
  • Due to our professional database, we compile real odds for all the available markets per game, at least one month prior to bookmakers. Meaning that our subscribers can find the real reference odds for every market per game, from today up to one month forward. This is a very important issue, because our subscribers know in advance the real odds by the moment the bookmakers offer their odds for the markets, so they are able to judge and decide whether they will place the bets or they will have to wait. 
  • Based on our database and using only pure statistics for our real odds compiling, our subscribers can find betting opportunities with very high real probabilities of success in combination with high offered odds by the bookmakers.  
  • Using our On-line Statistical Tools, Odds Compiler Platform and Next Goal Predictor, our subscribers can predict the odds movement, especially during the In-Play mode. The tools are easy to understand and even easier to use and everyone can make their own strategy and plans in order to be ready to beat the bookmakers.
With the appropriate study of the game and with the right planning, BetPractice subscribers will always be One Step Ahead of everyone else. To be One step ahead of Bookmakers, always requires good Time Management and Planning.