Virtual Bet

One of the most innovative functions of Betpractice Studio PRO is the possibility of placing virtual bets without risking real money and keep track of the bets in a betting diary called VirtualBet.

Whenever we find the “+” sign in the Studio software in white colour with a blue background colour it means that we can add that bet to the direct bet coupon, and from that coupon we can send it to any of the betting houses and VirtualBet, both as single bet or accumulator, with one limitation only. Bets can’t be added to VirtualBet within less than 2 hours of the kickoff.

When clicking on See bets history (2) we will access to the VirtualBet diary where we can see all the won and lost bets together with the Profit, Yield and Record (Success rate) of all the virtual bets or some of them selecting in the filter the desired dates of the study.