Game Analysis

Game Analysis


Game Analysis shows all the relevant information of a given match with a wide range of markets where you can get real odds, bookie’s odds and the statistical probability performed by Betpractice. It will be of great help to the user in order to send a specific market to the betting coupon, so that he can place a direct bet in the bookie or send it to VirtualBet later on. 

Game Analysis offers all the information about Betpractice real odds for a given match where the user can set as many markets as he wishes among the 76 available ones. In this way, the user can take a quick tour through the match trend and its value odds and to create different betting strategies for the chosen match. Real odds displayed on the screen are performed on the basis of Betpractice probability, taking usually 2 or 3 season samples where the home team is set as home and the away team as away. If the user wants to change this data sample, he has to do it in Odds Compiler.

Bets can also be sent from Game Analysis to Bet Slip (direct betting coupon) and to VirtualBet Area, as well as to the other Studio applications.

If you click on the name of the teams you will see the current form and if you click on any real odds you will see the data sample in which are based on.

Key Features
  • Real odds / Real probabilities based on Betpractice methodology
  • Real odds format : Decimal odds, Fractal odds, US odds
  • Most popular bookmakers Odds in comparison to real odds
  • Real-time bookmakers odds prices
  • Bookmakers odds format: Decimal odds, Fractal odds, US odds 
  • Available Bookmakers:,,, Bet365, William Hill, Pinnacle
  • Available worldwide Leagues and Cups: 39
  • 76 Available Markets: 8 popular, 18 Team markets, 14 Goal markets, 3 Score markets, 33 Asian Handicaps
  • Coupon Mode: By Date or By League
  • Team Form including the last 8 games
  • Team Statistics for:  Over/Under, goals scored/conceded:  Home/Away/Average
  • Favorite Matches function 
  • Real Time Value bets with colour indicator :
  • Direct Betslip action to your favorite bookmaker: both as single bet or accumulator
  • Virtual bets area 
  • Data sample for every market with quality indicator:
  • Daily automatic Update:
  • Free demo version
  • User guide
  • On-line support
  • Pricing packages - subscription packages