System Hunter

System Hunter


System Hunter is a unique platform that let's every one creates profitable football betting systems in the long run based on the analysis of past records of football games. System Hunter is based either on real odds or bookmakers odds, compared to odds prices of different bookmakers for more than 37 worldwide leagues and cups and most popular betting markets. In this way, every one can calculate the yield of a football betting system based on his request and filters. Finally System Hunter calculates in only few seconds those bets that they are corresponding to the filters that you have set up as prerequisites. We combine the parameters needed to bet with benefit of using profitable betting systems. 

System Hunter allows users to easily compile betting systems and work out formulas based on their favourite markets and habits. With System Hunter you can create profitable soccer betting systems, based purely on winning bets, using the right parameters that are only repeated in those bets that paid off, discarding anything that makes your system lose. You can create systems based on strategies that work and dismiss everything that doesn’t work, doesn’t repeat with sufficient regularity or their ratio odds/success range doesn’t make you win money. 

The software collects the results of the matches, as well as bookies past odds, offers real probability and compares current and past results with the odds that the bookies set for each market. In this way, you may know how many matches have been played, won, what were the pre-match odds back then, how much value did you get and if that system resulted in gains or losses, that is to say, it calculates the profitability of all the matches results played in the past. Obviously, the bigger the data sample used to create systems, the safer when investing in it in the long term.

System Hunter doesn’t ensure a winning bet the next time, but it will offer you everything that is required in order to have more gains than losses. " It is better to be useful than agreeable".

Ideal for: Stats, Selections, Profitability & Value, Long term investment

Key Features
  • Real odds / Real probabilities based on Betpractice methodology
  • Real odds format : Decimal odds
  • Most popular bookmakers Odds in comparison to real odds
  • Real-time bookmakers odds prices
  • Bookmakers odds format: Decimal odds 
  • Available Bookmakers:, Bet365, Pinnacle
  • Available worldwide Leagues and Cups: 39
  • Available Markets: 15 with Betfair Exchange (back /Lay), 8 with Bet365, 5 with Pinnacle
  • Available Modes: League Mode and Team Mode
  • Exclude Team function: available in both League and Team Mode
  • Money Management: 6 different methods available to control your bankroll
  • Real odds range filter
  • Bokkmakers odds range filter
  • Odds Prices options: All Prices / Optimum prices / Opposite prices
  • Combined systems function filter includes: 
    • Real odds & Value
    • Optimum bookmaker's odds
    • Secondary market in combination with main market
    • Compare bookmakers odds prices
    • Real odds opposite prices
  • Available system graphs: 
    • Period cummulative Yield: Progressive and analysis graph
    • System Cummulative Yield
    • Stability system 
  • Save system function: check your stsem performance based on All Time / Current season / Last 30days / Last 7days
  • Load system function for all your saved systems
  • My picks option: with date range (from Today uo to 5days  
  • Favorite Matches function 
  • Real Time Value bets with colour indicator :
  • Direct Betslip action to your favorite bookmaker: both as single bet or accumulator
  • Virtual bets area 
  • Data sample for every system since 2014
  • Daily automatic Update
  • Free demo version
  • User guide
  • On-line support
  • Pricing packages - subscription packages