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OMG Preset – Betting over Goals Strategy

If you have bought a Betpractice subscription and you don’t know how to start betting, we recommend trying some of the presets already created by expert users. A preset like the one we present here today was created with the goal of following a goals strategy in a live match. This strategy filters games before kick off, but the goal is to bet on over live.

How to find games with late goals?

With Betpractice filters we can find the games in which many goals are expected, these games will be ideal for our over goals strategy, to bet on one more goal at the end of the first half or close to the end of the game. With this default preset we will have a daily list of the games where we could expect many goals, including late goals with high odds.

In this case, we are going to filter the list of matches for the day by applying the following filters in these markets:

  • More than 55% (Odd @ 1.82) of Over 2.5 goals FT
  • More than 70% (Odd @ 1.43) of Over 0.5 goals before half time
  • More than 55% (Odd @ 1.82) of Both teams score YES (optional market)
  • More than 55% (Odd @ 1.82) of goal in both halves (optional market)

The optional markets are to be taken into account or not, depending on how strict we want to be when filtering. If we want to do a very precise filtering, we can rule out the games that have less than 55% (meaning lower odd than @ 1.82) in the markets of both they score yes and a goal in both halves.

➡️ To apply this preset we just have to click on “ADD A PRESET” and look for the default preset “OMG

We have to take into account that these probabilities are calculated using the Real Odd that we have assigned to our active profile, meaning that it will be calculated considering the current season, the current season and the previous one, the last 8 games or any other Real Odd that we have created. This can be changed in the Profile Administration panel as shown in the following image:

In addition, we will only filter the leagues that we have included as favorite leagues in our profile, if we do not have any favorite league, all the available leagues of the day are included.

Over goal strategy in the last minutes of the game

A very interesting strategy that we can apply using this preset is to bet one of these game in the last 20 minutes, meaning that we will get a high odd.

We can somehow automate this over goal strategy using Betpractice alarms. Thanks to this tool we will get notified on our smartphone (in Telegram or in the official Betpractice APP) when one of these games reaches minute 70 and there are at least 5 shots on goal.

To do this, we just have to click on “SET MULTIPLE ALARMS” and select the matches that we want to be notified, once that is done, we click on the blue bell and we are going to apply two filters in the LIVE section:

Time range 70-90
Minimum of shots on goal 5 between the two teams

With these two parameters we will receive a notification when any of the selected games has at least 5 shots on goal from minute 70 in the game, and the odd to enter over FT will already be @ 2 or even higher.

Over 0.5 goals HT half time

Another live strategy that we can follow with this same preset is to bet on over 0.5 goals at half-time if the result is 0-0 and the odds reach @ 2 or higher. To do this, all we have to do is apply the OMG preset as we have explained previously, but we are going to set an alarm with the following LIVE parameters:

Time range 20-30
First Half Over 0.5 -> Live Share @ 1.9

It’s so easy, if any of the matches reaches 0-0 at minute 20 and the Over 0.5 HT fee reaches 1.95 between minutes 20 and 30, we will receive a notification to enter that game.

With the presets already created by Betpractice you have many potential winning strategies available to start working with if you are not yet 100% familiar with the suite.

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