Dual Asian Handicap

Dual Asian Handicap


Asian handicap betting is an increasingly popular form of football betting, particularly for match bets where one side of the match bet is significantly superior to the other. The basis of Asian handicap betting lies in the way in which it attempts to even up the chances of both sides of the match. In other words, the side perceived to be the weaker of the two is awarded a notional head start as far as the match betting is concerned.

The consequence is that the odds about the two options are brought closer to each other than would be the case if no handicapping process were involved. Asian handicap betting has two forms.

The first is the single handicap, and the second is the dual handicap. You are effectively placing two bets, each of which is worth a half of your total stake. 

Dual Betting Asian Handicap

There are more complex outcomes, where two handicaps are involved. In these circumstances, half your stake is placed at one handicap and half at the other. 

Example: Home Team (-0, -0.5) vs Away Team (+0, +0.5)

This handicap actually represents two bets – half your stake at the 0, or level, handicap and half your stake at the half goal handicap in favour of Away Team. In this case, if you bet on Away Team and the game is drawn, one half of your bet is a winner (the handicap bet at + 0.5) and the other half of your bet is effectively void (the bet at level handicap) and  that part of your stake is returned. If you bet on Home Team, and the game is drawn, again half of the bet is effectively void (that portion of the stake is returned) and the remaining half of the total stake (on the handicap bet at  (- 0.5) is lost.

Example: Home Team (-0.5, -1) vs Away Team (+0.5, +1)

In this case, your total stake is divided equally between the 0.5 and 1 goal handicap bets in favour of Away Team. In these circumstances if you bet on Away Team, and Home Team beat Away Team by a single goal, one half of your bet is cancelled out by the one goal handicap, and therefore one half of your total stake is returned. The other half of your bet is a losing bet, since the half goal handicap does not cover the one goal deficit. If you bet on Home Team, and Home Team win by a single goal, again half the bet is effectively void, and this portion of the stake will be returned on the - 1 goal handicap. On the other hand, half of the bet will be a winning bet, since the one goal victory is not cancelled out by the 0.5 goal handicap advantage enjoyed by Away Team.