What is new in System Hunter

What is new in System Hunter

Finally we have released the new version of System Hunter. 

The last months we made a lot of changes and upgrades, having always as target the improvement of our services, new user friendly interface and your requests all those months.

Some of the main features that are now available in the new version are the following:
  • Bookmaker's database to work with: Now the new version uses as default the database of the most popular bookmakers world over. You can work with the bookmakers past odds so to analyze with full knowledge and to set up your betting systems
  •  Pinnacle sportsbook: available now in System Hunter. The markets that you can use to set up your betting systems are FT Home Win, FT Draw, FT Away Win, Total Goals Over / Under2.5
  • New menu : we have designed a more user friendly interface with all the filters now available on the right screen. Just press the “Edit” button to make any changes
  • Exclude Teams function: The most power filter in System Hunter is now available in both League or Team mode of the tool. 
  • Money Management function: based on different methodologies. We have implemented this filter to give the real image to the users about their bank roll management. By using one of the methods that are available, not only you can see how your bank roll is working but also this option is applied to your future picks. \so, now it is clear the total amount of the stake that you must place in every future pick that will be available based on your system. 
  • Additional systems function: By selecting one of these options, you can see if your existing system will be improved or not. This function helps you to combine two different markets and to get a more advanced and powerful betting system.
  • Four different options in every filters so to check your betting system during the time
  • League option filter in specific functions so to get only the data of the specific league