How to use Money Management with Range Probabilities

How to use Money Management with Range Probabilities

We have implemented this filter to give the real image to the users about their bank roll management. By using one of the methods that are available, not only you can see how your bank roll is working but also this option is applied to your future picks. so, now it is clear the total amount of the stake that you must place in every future pick that will be available based on your system.

The available method of Range Probabilities is the following 
  • Based on range probabilities: is applied per game and your stake amount is calculated based on the real probabilities of the market.

You must insert your stake that you would like to place on the specific market and we calculated the final amount based on the real probabilities. The higher the real probability is, the higher the stake that you will place, but less than the original amount that you have insert.