New country market candidate partner

New country market candidate partner

Who we are

We are a fast growing digital services company providing our customers with leading edge statistical tools/ software applications, regarding football modeling and betting which are sold on a time subscription basis.
Our passionate team is continuously creating new techniques and applications in order to help bettors making smarter bets. Our portfolio ( has recently integrated the new state of the art BetPracticeStudio suite (, which is considered as the best in its category in the global market.

What we are looking for

We are looking for a partnership with a person or team that can drive our development either in the German, or Austrian, or Netherlands, or France, or Scandinavian market, depends of his home based and the language. 

The person should be able and willing to invest time, understanding our portfolio of applications and importantly run tutorials and convey their effectiveness and usability to his own followers as a blogger, by finding the right users within the above betting markets, or by convincing his followers/ contacts of online bettors, adopting as such.

He will collaborate with our internal creative and marketing/sales team in order to create promotions and as a result fluency in  English in addition to local language is required.

Remuneration package

We offer a high commissioning rate on a revenue share basis. In addition we can provide a limited fixed compensation per year subject to the candidate's experience and circumstances, targeting monthly sales.

A flexible way of working is considered as we are mainly looking for a results oriented partner rather than an employee.

If you are interested pls send us an e-mail through our contact form with the following Subject : 

Subject: xxxxxxx market candidate partner ( xxxxxxx insert the country that you are interested for)