This is the popular SUMAVERDES strategy for OVER TREND matches of the day.

The strategy is the following: must find the more possible and with a value matches for different markets, that all those markets are related. The matches than fullfil the requirements as more markets as possible, those matches will be the best:

Markets requirements: 
>80% Over1.5FT
>60% Over2.5FT
>55% Goal Scored in Both Halves
>45% Over3.5FT
>45% Over1.5HT

Using Search Engine tool of Betpractice Studio PRO, we select one by one the above markets and also we are asking for those games of the current date and we include all the available leagues.

When we get the results, we SORT by HOME TEAM and those matches that repeat in more than one market and the same time their real success probabilities are in the specific range, those matches are the best for betting over1.5FT.

TIP: For better analysis, we must check the last 10 matches of each selected team and keep those games that 7 or more final scores were over1.5FT (avoid teams with poor data sample).

TIP2: Simple betting is safer for our bank. Multiples will give you the opportunity of making more money but with higher risk.

TIP3: In any case you want to exit the strategy, then you can use the option of cash-out. If you have placed multiples, the most wise is to cash out when you will get the 100% of investment (double the stake) & make stop loss when you lose the 50% of investment. Also you can make partial cash-out only the investment amount and you can keep the winnings up to 100% of the stake.