Shared Bets Challenge

Shared Bets Challenge

Shared Bets Challenge!!!!!!

A new service from Betpractice now is available for all of our members. Make your study of the games, decide what bets are most possible to be succeeded and send them to the competition.

  • 1rst Winner: 150€ (or Free 1 year account)
  • 2nd Winner: 100€ (or Free 6 months account)
  • 3rd Winner: 50€ (or Free 2 months account)

How it works:
1. All the active users will be allowed to take part, except for the free trials.
2. There will be an option in the dashboard and any user can choose if he wants to participate or not. If chooses any of the two options (Yes or No), he will not be able to change it.
3. There will be a participation period ,where users will be able to participate to the competition. Meaning that the participations will end on 10/7 23:59 GMT time zone. After that date, we will not accept any new participants.
4. The time period that the competition will be open: 1 month. It will start on 12/7 and will be finished on 12/8.
5. The competition will be open to all markets, bookmakers. There will be no limitations.
6. Every day we will publish only the bets of the specific day. Bets that are not valid in the specific date, will not be published. Meaning that if you select to send 3 bets to competition , but two of them are not for the next day, we will not publish them come tomorrow. We will publish only the bet that will be for tomorrow, and the other two bets will be published the next day.
7. All the bets will be sent to betpractice and we will publish them on 00:01 (GMT time zone) every day, all together.This way, no one will be able to see what the other members have selected to send to the competition, until the day they are published.
8. A user must send their bets until a specific time during the day. The user must send his bets for the next day up to 23:59 (GMT time zone) every day. If not, the bets will not be published. As you can read on (6), a  user will be able to send bets not only for the next day, but also for the future days, in case he wants to get high odds prices. We will keep in our database the bets that are not for the next day and we will publish them when the specific day comes, with the odds price that the user had selected (not the new odds price).
If you select on Monday a bet with high price (1.8) but the game is to be played next Friday, you can select the bet and send it to competition. We will keep it in our database and on the next Friday at 00:01 we will publish it with odds 1.8 (Monday) , not with the odds for the specific bet at the time (Friday).
9. Min bets per user: 30 / Max bets per user: 100. For the whole period of the competition.
10. The yield per user will be calculated based on the odds prices. Meaning that the stake will be by default 1 unit (can not be changed).
11. In the competition area, all active users will have access, except for the free trials. In this area you can see :
- all the participants, with their current yield and success rate.They will be sort by yield (default). Meaning that first you will see the user with the highest yield, next the second highest and so on .
- the current day bets of the user ,by clicking on their names .
- all the bets of the user up to today, by pressing on their success rate .
- all the current day bets in one screen , like the share bets area now.

Winners will be the first 3 (three) users with the highest yield. Every day the yield will be calculated and will be visible to everyone.

Enjoy Responsibly!!!!

Betpractice Team