Preset Value Near 2.00

Preset Value Near 2.00

Search strategy for odd 2 with Search Engine (Value Near 2.00).
We are going to present one of the most successful strategies of SUMAVERDES in Telegram and that has made our software very famous due to the high percentage of continuous successes. It is a strategy that aims to double our investment every day looking for bets with very high probability of happening and with VALUE, that when combined, a 2.00 odd is obtained.

During the month of April 2017 we made 51 bets with this strategy and we scored 50.

It is a strategy that should only be used in the leagues which overs appear a lot and only from the 5th round onwards until 5th round before the end of the season.

Let's start:

We open Search Engine and the idea will be to look for the games with higher tendecy for over2.5FT of the day and to those games we will bet on Οver1.5FT or Over0.5HT, in order to achieve this, we will start looking for over3.5, over2.5, over1.5HT
First requirement, select days with many matches in Betpractice.
It is not valid for days that national or play-offs games are played.

We will look for matches with the highest real probability and value for the specific day.

  1. In Search Engine we select goal markets and look for the Over1.5HT (First Half Goals Over 1.5) with a real probability between 40 and 100. All leagues, today.
  2. With the same parameters we look at "Popular Markets" the Over3.5FT (Full Time Goals Over 3.5)
  3. We ensure to do the same with over2.5FT but this time with real probability between 55-80.
  4. We obtain the results and we order them by the real probability column.
  5. We keep the best 5 or 6 as FAVORITES.
  6. Now we do a search for Over0.5HT with the real probability between 80-100. We sort them by the probability column and check if among the best values ​​are our favorites, if not, we add more to favorites. I usually choose the best 5.
  7. It is time to analyze it a little more in depth and for this we make a last search for over1.5FT with probability between 80-100.
  8. Among of all the best, we verify that they are also the best for Over 3.5, Over1.5HT and Over2.5FT, so that at least two of the above requirements are met.
  9. When we have all the matches in the list for Over1.5FT with trend for Over2.5FT and Over3.5FT, we click on their probability to check the data sample.
  10. We check that the data sample is wide, more than 100 games.
  11. We check that no team is "novice" in the league, we discard any teams that have only played 3 or 4 times and we are left with teams that have played around 20 times or more.
  12. And finally check the fitness, for this we press the total number of games of the data sample, go straight to the current year and ensure that out of the last 10 games at least 7 have finished with Over1.5FT.
  13. The best matches are the ones left, in order to bet on Over1.5FT and combine them until we get a 2 or a slightly higher odd.
  14.  Among those remaining, the matches with highest probability and VALUE will be best.
  15. Once logged into your betting house, make a bet combined with the stake that you are most comfortable with, as long as it does not exceed 10% of your total bank.

A trick to save time is to search with all the markets enabled at once by selecting the lowest-value market probability and when all the results appear, sort them by the name of the first team. Those games that are most often repeated in several Over markets will be the ones that tend to trend for Over.