Preset Trading Over/Under

Preset Trading Over/Under

In this article I will talk to you about betting on a variety of matches, picking the best bets of the day, the ones fulfilling the most factors and conditioning the success of each strategy, how to adapt on what is happening at a specific moment and bet in favor of the "expected trend".

There are bettors who use my search engine strategy to search for overs, based on factors that determine actual probability and fitness. It is clear that you will always make better selections the more conditioning factors your matches bring together.

For example: It is not the same to bet on Over2.5FT in matches where your only search condition was that the previous match was Over2.5FT. But betting on Over on a match in which from the last 10 matches met the specific Over condition on at least 6 or more occasions, there is clear tendency for a goal to be scored in both halves and in addition at 4 occasions the goals scored were Over3.5.

As I usually say, the power of this tool is not to make a bet a day, is to diversify among the best bets of the day, make simple ones with good bank management, have some conditioning factors and you will end up studying the best of the day and focusing only on them (most likely with more value). But you must also respect the trend.

I love the overs, but there's no point in forcing them, if on one day the only leagues playing is the Russian Premier League or the French Ligue 2 where the goals do not usually abound, beting on Overs can be risky ... or maybe not.

It is extremely difficult to calculate the trend, it changes although this usually come accompanied by Murphy's Law like when the odd to a specific trend is very low for example there are teams with a good winning streak and their odd to WIN THE MATCH is 1.25 usually they tie or lose the game. Haven't that happened to you more than once?

But well, that's just small drops of milk that escape from the glass when trying to fill it, the normal thing is not that all teams change your winning trend on the same day, and that's why it's good to diversify into multiple single bets although we get less return than in a combined one. But we are taking care of our bank, it is always better to go for several single ones than to a single combined bet, in case any of those matches are drops which escape from the glass. The important thing will always be to fill the glass of milk to the top pointing well with the bottle.

That's why I have to tell you that you do not have to force the expected trend, if you look for an OVER trend and you do not find any or just find a few, you will have to focus on a different strategy looking for an under trend, and if also it is not a day for both avoid it, maybe in One day they both strategies apply. We have to adapt our strategy to what is happening.

I will write here the parameters that I use to focus on my daily strategy, and maybe your parameters or conditioning factors are better.

The matches which fulfill the most conditioning factors will be the ideal ones for each strategy.
We must also observe the current state of form for the last 10 games of each team, observing that our bet is fulfilled in most of the occasions.

Trend Over:
Over1.5FT + 80%
Over2.5FT + 60%
Over3.5FT + 45%
Over1.5HT + 45%
BTTS YES + 60% (does not have to be conditioning)
Goal scored in both halves + 55%

Trend Under:
Under3.5FT + 80%
Under2.5FT + 60%
Under1.5FT + 45%
Under1.5HT + 85%
BTTS NO + 60% (in this case, it is very important)
Goal scored in both halves NO + 55%

I said, these are my parameters and other people can have others as Favorite Home Team wins in the first half than overs ... What is clear is that the more conditioning factors the game brings together, the better your strategy will be routed and all the bets are routed in your way, because remember: we can be annoyed by one or two matches but the potential of our strategy will be to bet on many matches following a strategy of accumulation of conditioning factors.