Diamond Competition

Diamond Competition

Dear members,

Betpractice proudly presents the Diamond Competition. Details for the specific competition you can find below.
  • Only VIP members will have the rights to participate at the Diamond Competition. VIP members are all those who have already subscribed for 6 or 12 months and their subscription will be valid during the registration period and the period of the competition. Also members that will renew or subscribe new 6 or 12 months accounts up to 20th of November, they will have the rights to participate at the Diamond Competition.
  • Registarion period : from 09/11/2018 up to 20/11/2018
  • Competition period: the Diamond Competition will start on 01/12/2018 and will end on 31/12/2018.
  • Winners will be announced on 01/01/2019. Winners will be the first 10 (ten) users with the highest yield. Every day the yield will be calculated and will be visible to everyone.
The awards of the Diamond Competition will be the following: 
  • 1rst winner : 500€
  • 2nd winner : 300€
  • 3rd winner : 100€
  • 4th and 5th winner : 50€ each one
  • 6th up to 10th winner : 2 months extension period to the current acount  

We would like to ask to all of you to read very carefully the rules of the Diamond Competition in order to understand everything and to avoid any misunderstandings. 

Diamond Competition Rules
  1. All the active VIP users will be allowed to take part,except for the free trials and one month users. VIP users are all those members that already have an active 6 or 12 months account or they will subscribe up to the end of the registration period for 6 or 12 month account.  
  2. You can choose to register or not in dashboard,and after selection you will not be able to change it
  3. There will be a registration period ,where the users will be able to register to the competition.
  4. The time period that the competition will be open is 30 days.
  5. The competition will be open to all markets, bookmakers. There will be specific limitations (rules 11, 12 & 13).
  6. Every day we will publish only the bets of the specific day.
  7. All the bets will be sent to betpractice and we will publish them on 00:01 (GMT time zone) every day.
  8. The user must send his bets for the next day up to 23:59 (GMT time zone) every day.
  9. Min bets per user: 30 / Max bets per user: 100. For the whole period of the competition.
  10. The yield per user will be calculated based on the odds prices.
  11. Asian Handicap Markets are not allowed.
  12. Acca(multiple bet) and duplicate Bets are not allowed
  13. Exact Score markets are not allowed.
  14. The user must insert a brief description why he has selected each bet, otherwise the bet will not be accepted. 

Enjoy Responsibly!!!!

Betpractice Team