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Today we are going to talk about how to make a purely statistical forecast in order to choose valuable matches to bet on.

It should be clarified that this method adapts very well in markets with two (2) possible results where the average is 50%, so it is valid for: Both Teams to Score YES / NO, Over / Under2.5FT, for Even / Odd but also we have to adapt the numbers in markets where 50% is not the average: Over / Under0.5HT, Over / Under3.5FT, Over / Under1.5FT, 1X2, Double Chance etc. 

In order to do this, among all the searches we do, we will try to make our results fulfill these 7 parameters. We will display the data sample window of our chosen market, by clicking on the Betpractice Real Odds. And it must fulfilled: 

1. Maximum Probability in our market selection.
2. Value in our result.
3. Wide or acceptable data sample. 
4. Last 10 matches meets our market selection in majority. 
5. Last 3 matches meets our market selection in majority.
6. Exact match meets our market selection in majority. 
7. Meet the market requirement in the exact situation (Home/Away).* 

Parameter 7: We need the team to comply with the market in both home or away situation and that in previous matches it has collaborated by either scoring or not in order to achieve the result we are looking for.


In the picture we see that there is an acceptable data sample, the exact matches meet the BTTS result, plus the BTTS market it was a majority in the last 10 games and in the last 3 matches.

In the above two screenshots, we can see how parameter 7 is fulfilled in most matches, for both home and away teams.    

By the way, the game was marked as Yes.

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