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Backtesting tool: using this tool, can someone get profit or not, is it a professional tool or not.

All of you have right, each one depends of what is expecting to get from the specific tool. But we really need to express also our opinion and to explain why we have implemented not only SH, but the whole project of Studio. 

The SH is not a stand alone tool, but one of the 6 tools that someone can use inside the Studio. We have implemented Betpractice Studio so to give to our members those tools either for punters or semi-pro traders, pregame or live. Also we have inserted the meaning of real odds, that someone can get the statistical price of each market, so to start thinking differently and to understand that betting is an investment and not just gambling. 

Backtesting tool is not the “holy grail of betting”. That is for sure, otherwise we were the first that we would get millions in our bank accounts, and for sure you would never know about the tool.. 

We have designed and implemented this tool, because we want to give to the people the real image and to make people to understand what is going on with betting and bookmakers.  Do not forget that we have to deal with bookmakers, a very heavy industry that refuse to loose money. They are not naive, they have also very powerful tools that prevent them from loses. 

Backtesting tool is everyday giving the real image. Profit or losses are clear to everyone and all the details are available to everyone. We have designed this tool, because we strongly believe that still there are markets, odds range of markets, leagues or teams that are still profitable. But this will not remain live for long term, because the bookmakers will find the gaps and they will adjust accordingly their odds prices so to start being not profitable for the users. That’s the real power of Backtesting tool. Every day presents clearly this status to the user and protect him for stop loosing his money. 

Take a look to any system, and see what was the profit of this system 2 years ago and what is the profit this season. It is clear. The bookmakers have found and close the gaps. We have tried to insert as many options as we could to Backtesting, so to give to everyone the power and the platform to make his own research and to understand what is going on. We try to make the people to stand on their own knowledge and to make the research easy and fast. And of course, if they can get profit from SH, is not success of the tool but it is success of their own selections and knowledge. 

Always everyone must check his systems, and if he will see that is not getting the willing results, he must analyze why. Something has changed the last period for sure. Maybe is the data sample, a specific league, a couple of teams, etc. If he has the knowledge and the strength to face the truth, he will act immediately either to fix it or abandon the system and to start making a new one. To insist on a system that is not working, it is not wise.  

I do not want to say more for this, because the point is totally different. Betpractice Studio and all of its tools are not designed to promise money and big bank accounts. We are trying to give to the people the real image of the betting, starting to believe in their own knowledge and to stop loosing money. And yes, if someone will understand what is having in his hands, it is sure that will get profit. 

We are offering software and not tips. If any software is good or not, it is not because of the results but if it is trustful or not. If you set some filters you get specific results. If you do not like the results, it is not a problem of the software but of the user. And be careful, the program can not do anything by its own, the user must set up and the program responds. 

What we are looking for is that we can help our members to understand how to use, to improve them daily and to protect them from those guys that offering hope and money and the most important to protect them from loosing money.

It is for sure that our members in long run will be wiser and they will protect their money better than now. 

Betpractice Team



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